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Windel Beneto Edwards a.k.a. Gyptian was born on October 25th 1983, and grew up in King Weston a Rural District, in St. Andrew. He lived with both his parents, his father a Rastafarian and his mother a Seventh Day Adventist Christian (who he explained was the disciplinarian of the family). Gyptian, was at first hesitant and uncertain but eventually he became serious about being a vocal artist professionally, and Mr. Wong took him under his wings, where he was groomed and eventually he transformed into "Gyptian" a name given to him by Mr. Wong, Richie Bang and others from the studio, due to his habit of tying a shirt around his head and twisting his chin hair like an Egyptian Pharaoh. >> Learn More

Tyra Banks Ends TV Talk Show After 5 Years

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Five seasons and 810 episodes after, "The Tyra Show" came to an end on Friday, May 28 with teary goodbye from its host Tyra Banks.
Wearing green dress, Tyra closed the Emmy-winning show with a montage of her years going under disguise as well as her interviews with famous people around the world.
"I had journalists tell me this show was going to be canceled in two weeks, and it's five years," she said proudly. She proceeded with a clip of her as a homeless, jailbird and fat woman as well as her precious time with important people such as President Obama, Hilary Clinton and John Edwards.

Telling People her favorite interview, Tyra said it was Obama while he was still a senator. "I was so nervous, sick to my stomach and my hands were shaking," the model recalled. "I asked him to look into the crystal ball and said, 'What do you see in your future, Senator?' And without hesitation he replied, 'The White House.' That clip ran on CNN and every national morning show. I'll never forget being a part of political history."
She remembered another one, saying "I even got bitten on the neck by Twilight's sexiest vampire, Robert Pattinson. I don't think I've ever felt so envied."
Larry King sent over a tape to bid her farewell, saying Tyra is the "fiercest" daytime talk host. At the end of the show, she said while clutching her Emmys "Sometimes you gotta leave when you're on top." The model then took her final walk on the runway and blew kisses.
Tyra wrapped the show because she wants to concentrate on producing films and releasing a book called "Modeland". Both projects can be expected to launch next year.

Bangladesh blocks Facebook over caricatures

The Facebook logo is shown at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, 
California May 26, 2010. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith
DHAKA (Reuters) - Bangladesh has blocked the Facebook social networking site because of "objectionable" materials it contained about the Prophet Mohammad and the country's political leaders, a telecoms regulatory official said on Sunday. The government move followed publication of caricatures of the Prophet deemed hurtful to the religious sentiments of the country's majority Muslim population, the official said. He said the ban, imposed late on Saturday, was expected to be temporary.
Technology  |  Media
Facebook was barred last week by a court in Pakistan, also overwhelmingly Muslim, because of an online competition to draw the Prophet Mohammad. The video sharing website YouTube was blocked for a time.
Publications of similar cartoons in Danish newspapers in 2005 sparked violent protests in Muslim countries. Around 50 people were killed in 2006 demonstrations over the cartoons.
Hundreds of protesters marched through Dhaka on Friday demanding action against Facebook and those accused of defaming the Prophet.
The elite security force Rapid Action Battalion on Saturday arrested a man in Dhaka for posting "obnoxious" images of the country's political leaders, including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and opposition leader Begum Khaleda Zia.
He is being questioned by police, officials said.
The blocking of Facebook, popular among Bangladeshis, especially young people, triggered protests by users.
"This was a wrong decision and should be withdrawn immediately," Mohammad Zafar Iqbal, professor of Computer Science at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, told a television interviewer.
"Instead of freezing the whole system, efforts should be made to find and punish the guilty."

Porn ban on net and mobiles mulled by South Africa

pornography Current leglislation bans child pornography but not adult material
A South African government official is proposing a complete ban on digitally distributed pornography.
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba has approached the country's Law Reform Commission to ask whether a change in the law is possible.
He has also had talks with the Justice Alliance for South Africa (JASA), a respected group which has written its own draft bill on the issue.
Internet security experts have dismissed the idea as "madness".
"Cars are already provided with brakes and seatbelts... There is no reason why the internet should be provided without the necessary restrictive mechanisms built into it," said Mr Gigaba.
'Wild west' JASA proposes that the ban, covering TV but also mobile phones and the web, could be implemented in the form of filters set by internet service providers.
Countries such as Australia and China have already developed filters to block access to certain websites.
Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos said previous attempts by other nations to ban pornography had not been successful.
"One wonders how on earth a democracy like South Africa would be able to introduce such a system, as it's not as though the state has 100% control over telecommunications," he told BBC News.
"Although their intentions may be honourable, it's barking mad to think you will be able to completely outlaw pornography from the web which, is after all, the modern equivalent of the wild west."
Pornography is a subject of ongoing debate in South Africa. A terrestrial television channel called ETV caused a storm of controversy when it began broadcasting adult material after midnight in 2002.
In 2010 a propoosal by satellite broadcaster Multichoice to offer a 24 hour pornography channel was abandoned after a deluge of complaints.

Bangladesh quashes Facebook over prophet images

Bangladesh has joined Pakistan in blocking access to social-networking site Facebook, citing a page on the site that called on people to draw images of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, the Associated Press reported.
Bangladesh's chief telecommunications regulator, Zia Ahmed, told the news agency the government had asked local Internet service providers to temporarily block Facebook pending removal of a page publicizing "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day."
The page was created after the producers of the animated TV series South Park said the Comedy Central network had censored an episode of the show that satirized religious prohibition of images of Muhammad.
On May 19, Pakistan similarly cut off access to Facebook on religious grounds, following a court order. The court is set to review that block on Monday, the AP reported.
Some followers of Islam consider depictions of Muhammad to be blasphemous, and that's led to widely publicized storms of protest over the years. In 2006, a Danish newspaper prompted cries of outrage from some after it published a series of editorial cartoons depicting the prophet, including one that showed him with a bomb tucked in to his turban.

Clashes as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid boat

Gaza flotilla launched from Turkey.

GAZA CITY (AFP) - Several people were wounded as Israeli commandos stormed at least one ship loaded with pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza, Hamas-run TV reported, showing pictures of the wounded.

Gaza flotilla launched from Turkey.

Sweden: Israeli raid 'completely unacceptable'

Gaza's Al-Aqsa television showed footage of black-clad Israeli commandos descending from helicopters and clashing with activists, as well as several wounded people lying on the deck of the ship.
The television network said two activists had been killed and some 50 wounded. The Israeli military declined to comment on the report and organisers of the aid convoy said they were no longer in contact with the boats.
The ships, carrying more than 700 passengers, were on the last leg of a high-profile mission to deliver some 10,000 tonnes of building and other supplies to Gaza, which has been under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2007.
Huwaida Arraf, chairman of the Free Gaza Movement, had earlier told AFP by phone from the boat Challenger 1 that the ships had expected a confrontation with Israel late Monday morning or early afternoon.
The boats had started heading towards Gaza from international waters of Cyprus at 3:00pm (1200 GMT) Sunday, with organisers saying they hoped to enter Gaza waters during the daylight hours.
About six hour after their departure, three Israeli missile boats left their naval base in the northern coastal city of Haifa on a mission to intercept the flotilla, reporters on board one of the vessels said before being told to turn off their phones.
Israel has slammed as "illegal" the convoy's attempt to break the Gaza blockade and warned it would intercept the ships, tow them to the Ashdod port and detain the activists before seeking to deport them.
In Gaza, anti-siege activists on Sunday called on the international community to ensure the protection of the "Freedom Flotilla" which had been aiming to arrive on Saturday but was repeatedly delayed.
"I am asking the international community to protect these boats from the Israeli threat," independent Palestinian MP Jamal al-Khudari told a news conference on a boat anchored outside the Gaza port.
"If Israel blocks them, they have a strategy for getting here," said Khudari, who heads the Gaza-based Committee to Lift the Siege. He did not elaborate.
With the flotilla expected to approach at some stage over the next 24 hours, Gaza fishermen took to the sea flying Palestinian flags as well as those of Greece, Ireland, Sweden and Turkey -- all of which sent boats.
Demonstrators also released scores of balloons with pictures tied to them of children killed during Israel's massive 22-day offensive against Gaza that ended in January 2009.
Khudari said the convoy, which is carrying hundreds of civilians and a handful of European MPs, would stop outside Gaza territorial waters before attempting to make landfall.
It will travel "in two stages," he said: "First they will stop in international waters at 30 nautical miles (from Gaza), and tomorrow (Monday) they will reach the shore."
Audrey Bomse, legal adviser to the Free Gaza Movement, said the activists were considering sending "a second wave" of boats later this week.
Israel has called the convoy a media stunt, insisting the humanitarian situation is stable in Gaza despite reports to the contrary from aid agencies and offering to deliver the supplies through its own land crossings.
"This is a provocation intended to delegitimise Israel," Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said on Saturday.
"If the flotilla had a genuine humanitarian goal, then its organisers should have transferred something for the abducted soldier Gilad Shalit as well," he said of the Israeli snatched by militants in 2006 and held by the Hamas Islamist movement which runs the enclave.
The activists responded on their website that they had offered to take in a letter for Shalit from his family but received no response from their lawyer.
Hamas's refusal to release Shalit is cited by Israel as one of the main reasons for imposing the economic blockade on Gaza in the wake of the group's violent takeover of the territory.
Pro-Palestinian activists have landed in Gaza five times, with another three unsuccessful attempts since their first such voyage in August 2008. The latest is their biggest operation.

Shrek trumps Sex at the box office

LOS ANGELES -- Movie audiences are showing more appetite for Shrek than for sex.
DreamWorks Animation's sequel Shrek Forever After remained the No. 1 movie for a second weekend with US$43.3 million from Friday to Sunday. The film raised its domestic total to US$133.1 million.
That easily topped the Warner Bros. sequel Sex and the City 2, which was No. 2 with a US$32.1-million debut that came in far below the US$56.8-million opening weekend of its predecessor two years ago. Along with a US$14.2-million haul in its first day Thursday, Sex and the City 2 has brought in US$46.3 million.
Debuting at No. 3 with US$30.2 million was Disney's action tale Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
Even with bad reviews and a running time of nearly 21/2 hours for Sex and the City 2, many in Hollywood had expected the sequel to open at No. 1.
But the fourth Shrek movie, itself opening far below the previous sequels, held up strongly in its second weekend. Family crowds continued to pack theatres for what is billed as the final big-screen tale featuring voice stars Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas.
Women made up 90 per cent of the audience for Sex and the City 2, which reunites the stars of the HBO series -- Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

Top 10 Most Common Sex Myths

Let’s face it: Sex is on our minds all the time. We live it, breathe it and will do almost anything to get it. A man’s sex drive is an innate, natural force. With sex and desire playing such important roles in our lives, you’d think we would all have a better grasp on it. However, truth be told, many men are misinformed about sex, from how to get the most pleasure out of their love life to how to stay safe and healthy in the bedroom. Want to test your sex IQ? Check out these top 10 sex myths to see how your knowledge stacks up.
The physical chemistry you see on TV and in the movies suggests that when two lovers meet, sparks fly and mind-blowing sex naturally follows. As we all know, in the real world, it’s not always that easy. The human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The “tricks of the trade” that pleased a former partner do not always translate with someone new. Good communication is the key to good sex, as is a willingness to be open to trying new techniques and positions to find out what each partner finds pleasurable. It can be a little awkward at first to over-communicate during sex, but think about the outcome: a partner who knows how to do it right every time.
Though many men would have you believe they’re ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the truth is that men experience daily fluctuations in libido, as do women. A man’s readiness to hop in the sack can be impacted by many of the same factors that impact a woman’s level of desire, including diet, sleep, health, stress, medical conditions, self-confidence, and relationship disharmony.
Sex is an important aspect of physical and emotional health and well-being for adults of all ages, even those in their golden years. While some people believe that a decrease in libido is a natural part of aging, a loss of sexual desire can be related to a number of other factors including hormone deficiencies, depression, anxiety disorders, side effects of medication, changes to a relationship, communication barriers, or loss of a spouse or partner.
While many people believe Viagra and other similar oral medications are the best or only treatment for men with erectile dysfunction, the truth is that for many men these drugs are not a viable option or they simply are not effective. Oral medications are only a temporary fix to a problem that may have other underlying health causes that should be addressed by a qualified physician. In addition, many men with health conditions, including hypertension and diabetes, cannot take oral prescriptions due to serious potential side effects or contraindications with other medications. For men who cannot use oral meds, there are a number of other options including urethral suppositories and ICP, an injection that produces an erection within minutes.
Even if every guy you know can probably tell you exactly how big his penis is — size is not a barometer for manhood. As anyone with sexual experience knows, true sexual enthusiasm far outweighs any gifted parts. And contrary to another popular sex myth, the size of your member has nothing to do with the size of your hands or feet.
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Named for the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, aphrodisiacs are said to put you in the mood. While oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries, and tiger penis might make you feel l’amour, there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of aphrodisiacs. However, while there is no science to foods and/or herbs causing arousal, a certain food can trigger an erotic memory or desire in your own mind — so in a sense, we all have our own aphrodisiacs.
From teenagers to former President Bill Clinton, oral sex seems to have the stigma of a “free pass” as far as sexual relationships go. Yes, it does count as sex, and yes, you can get a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex. There is still an exchange of fluids, meaning that diseases can enter your body through sores or small cuts in your mouth and throat.
Some men do find that premature ejaculation begins at the onset of sexual maturity, but plenty of men also find it to be an issue later in life. In fact, premature ejaculation affects 30% of men at sometime in their lives.
Often, early ejaculation in men who are in their 30s or older is a co-symptom of erectile dysfunction or fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.
A large part of the sexual experience starts with your brain, not your body, and sometimes your brain can wander. If you are committed to your lady, and your relationship is in a good place, it’s OK to think about Angelina (Jolie) or Megan (Fox) every now and then.
The “pull-out” method, also known as the rhythm method, is potentially the worst possible form of birth control. Men do not always know when ejaculatory fluid begins to seep out — and even ahead of a perceptible orgasm, pre-ejaculate (which includes sperm) is released and is enough to get a woman pregnant. In fact, one in five couples who use this method as their only form of birth control over the course of a year will end up pregnant.
Now that you’ve brushed up your knowledge on the top 10 sex myths, you can go out and have the best sex of your life. Just remember: While it is very important to stay safe and be smart, sex is not only a necessary bodily function, but also a very enjoyable bodily function.
Dr. Barry Buffman is a Board Certified urologist and the director of the Los Angeles Boston Medical Group. In the course of his career, Dr. Buffman has enjoyed over 20 years of private surgical practice specializing in sexual dysfunction, oncology and trauma.

Fans gather to remember Ronnie James Dio

AP – Fans, from left, Elizabeth Harris, 20, Yanire Holmes, 20, Epitacio Rodriguez, 21, and Frank Montero, …
Elizabeth Harris, Yanire Holmes, Epitacio Rodriguez, Frank 
MonteroLOS ANGELES – The chants of "Dio, Dio, Dio" from hundreds of headbangers were loud and proud Sunday as fans paid tribute to fiery frontman Ronnie James Dio, who succumbed to stomach cancer May 16 at age 67.
Heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio diesThe mammoth public memorial service honoring the late metal legend was, fittingly, more akin to a spirited rock concert than a dreary funeral.
More than 1,200 fans commemorated Dio inside Forest Lawn Memorial Park's Hall of Liberty. Hundreds more gathered in the scorching heat outside the auditorium to watch monitors of the proceedings, which featured performances from some of Dio's rocker friends, including Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple, Geoff Tate of Queensryche and Paul Shortino of Quiet Riot.
"He touched all of us with his music and his message and his magic," said David Feinstein, Dio's cousin and Elf bandmate. "I know that Ronnie truly loved all of you. He had a great appreciation for your loyalty. I'm talking about all you out there, all the fans."
Those gathered remembered the feisty vocalist from such bands as Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and the self-titled Dio as a passionate performer who was gracious on and off stage.
Many recalled Dio's continued support over the years of Children of the Night, the teenage prostitution rehabilitation organization where his wife, Wendy, serves as chairman.
Dio revealed last summer that he was suffering from stomach cancer shortly after wrapping up a tour in Atlantic City, N.J., with the latest incarnation of Black Sabbath under the name Heaven and Hell.
Dio's son, Dan Padavona, cautioned the memorial crowd to be screened regularly by a doctor and take care of themselves, something he said his father did not do.
"I beg you not to make the same mistake my dad made," said Padavona. "For dad, the show always had to go on. He ignored the warning signs for years, and all along the cancer was growing and mutating from something that was probably easily defeatable into a monster which even Dio couldn't slay."
A few members of the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrated outside of the park's gates as hundreds of fans arrived to remember Dio, who made the "devil horns" hand gesture he learned from his Italian grandmother a heavy metal signature.
Members of the fundamentalist church said they opposed Dio because they believed he worshipped Satan.
Several musician friends of Dio celebrated the rocker by performing tunes that featured Dio's signature howl.
Scott Warren of Heaven and Hell began the memorial with an arrangement of Dio's "This is Your Life" on piano. John Payne of Asia crooned Black Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell." Joey Belladonna of Anthrax wailed Rainbow's "Man On The Silver Mountain."
"He had that magic," remembered Willie Fyfe, Dio's longtime personal assistant. "He always called it magic. Once he had a crowd in his hands, that's where they stayed until it was time to go, then he'd give them back, and walk off and do his thing. Bless him. He's still doing that now, and the guy is in a coffin."

Jim Nabors Sings "Back Home Again" at the Indy 500 [VIDEO]

Jim Nabors has been appearing at the Indy 500 more times than some of the top drivers. You may know Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle of "The Andy Griffith Show" television fame, but Nabors has been singing "Back Home Again" at the Indy 500 for decades.
Jim Nabors was the most beloved of the many singers who performedthe tune at the 500. Since 1946, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has played the song, following the "Star-Spangled Banner" and "Taps." In 1972, Jim Nabors made his first appearance and has been singing almost every year since then.
Jim Nabors currently lives in Hawaii. When he's been too ill to make the trip, as in 2007, he's appeared on video screens and encouraged the crowd to sing along.
Jim Nabors was born and raised in Alabama.  He started singing in his high school's glee club and church choir.

The son of Mavis and Fred Nabors, Jim was born and raised in Sylacauga, Alabama, where he first began singing in his high school's glee club and church choir.

New Clint Eastwood documentary and movie marathon on TCM on Monday

Clint Eastwood turns 80 on Monday, May 31, and Turner Classic Movies is marking the occasion and honoring the iconic actor and director by throwing a 24-hour Eastwood movie marathon.
The lineup includes favorites from throughout the Eastwood’s career in the ’60s and ’70s — these are classics, remember, so we suppose they’ve got to be old. You get your spaghetti westerns (including “A Fistful of Dollars” and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”), a few war flicks (“Kelly’s Heroes,” “Where Eagles Dare”) and, of course, a pair of Dirty Harry pictures (“Dirty Harry,” “Magnum Force”).
The other reason to tune in or set your DVR is to catch “The Eastwood Factor,” a new documentary on Clint that is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman (pictured above with Eastwood) and directed by film critic Richard Schickel.
For a full schedule of the Eastwood marathon, read the rest of this post….

6 a.m.:  “The First Traveling Saleslady,” 1956.
8 a.m.:  “A Fistful of Dollars,” 1964.
9:45 a.m.:  “For a Few Dollars More,” 1965.
Noon:  “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” 1966.
3 p.m.:  “Hang ‘Em High,” 1968.
5 p.m.:  “Where Eagles Dare,” 1969.
8 p.m.:  “Kelly’s Heroes,” 1970.
10:30 p.m.:  “The Eastwood Factor,” 2010.
12:15 a.m.:  “Dirty Harry,” 1971.
2 a.m.:  “Magnum Force,” 1973.
4:15 a.m.:  ”The Eastwood Factor,” 2010.

Ashley Judd's hubby wins the Indy 500 just after she graduates from Harvard

Ashley Judd is a Harvard Grad and wife of an Indy 500 winner
media commons
Ashley Judd is a Harvard Grad and wife of an Indy 500 winnerAshley Judd and her husband Dario Franchitti have a lot to celebrate this week! Franchetti won the Indy 500 with wife, Ashley Judd, cheering him on. There were some tense moments in the race before Dario Franchitti pulled out the win. The AP said that Judd, "put her hand over her head, hoping her man had enough fuel to make it."
Ashley Judd had a recent personal triumph as well. She earned a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration from Harvard.
Ashley Judd is, of course the daughter of singer Naomi Judd and the sister of singer Wynonna.
Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti have been married since 2001.


CAMEROON striker Samuel Eto’o has threatened to pull out of the World Cup after being criticised by legendary countryman Roger Milla.The Inter Milan striker reacted angrily to the 1990 World Cup star’s assessment of his performances for the national side and has told France’s Canal Plus Sport he may walk away from the tournament.“Is it worth me going to the World Cup?” Eto’o said. “I still have a few days to think about it
Samuel Eto'o's threat not to go to the World Cup has prompted the Cameroon Football Federation to make a plea to fans to stay calm.
Eto'o was upset by critical comments made about his displays by Cameroon legend Roger Milla.
Upset: Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o
Upset: Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o
CFF president Iya Mohammed said: 'Following statements made in the media by some major figures of our football which disturb the serenity of our national team, the CFF invites the public to remain united.'
Cameroon World Cup squad : G Ndy Assembe, C Kameni, H Souleymanou; B Assou-Ekotto, S Bassong, G Bong, A Chedjou, Geremi, S Mbia, N Nkoulou, R Song; A Emana, E Enoh, J Makoun, G Mandjeck, J Matip, L NGuemo, A Song; V Aboubakar, E Choupo- Moting, S Eto'o, M Idrissou, A Webo.
“But I will see if my participation is important because I don’t need this in my career.”
Despite the uncertainty, Cameroon manager Paul Le Guen has still named Eto’o in his 23-man squad.

Polyamorous Culture

There is the buzz word – polyamorous. From the Greek word “poly”- meaning many or multiple, and Latin “amor” suggesting love.  Many loves, many intimate relationships, at one time? What an adventurous love life, and perhaps, a roller-coaster ride if not complicated.  What exactly does it imply?
Polyamorous is a nature of a relationship at a given time wherein a person has multiple romantic relationships with consent from all parties involved, describes Wikipedia. It is a type of relationship, a philosophy, a lifestyle revolving around the values of negotiation, openness, trust, honesty, dignity, and respect.Here is the rub.  Monogamy versus polyamory. Traditional versus liberalism. Religion versus relativism. Dr. Patrick Fagan notes these differences:  In a monogamy culture that implies dating, marriage and “for better or worst” long-term relationship with just one partner, there is a sacred seal that binds the couple together. Sanctity of married life is recognized. In contrast, a polyamory culture hides religion or suppress it altogether, not to mention the worship of God. Moreover, the culture of polyamory, he continues, acts only as a “safety net not only for the unlucky but the unrestrained, increasingly relies on social welfare programs to save its adherents from the effects  of its form of sexuality. In political discourse, he notes, the culture of
monogamy highlights men dedicated to their family, wife, and children, whereas the culture of polyamory promotes licentiousness – men and women incapable of sexual restraint. Relationships, in particular family life, is either scrupulously protected or instinctively exploited.
Then again, the beliefs from which the culture of polyamory exists negate these very differences. Freedom and sex may spell the difference; but the long-term consequences could make couples and lovers decide.

Dario Franchitti wins Indianapolis 500 after spectacular crash

Dario Franchitti of Scotland enjoys the traditional victory toast 
of milk with team owner Chip Ganassi in Victory Lane after hanging on to
 win the 94th running of the Indianapolis 500.
Dario Franchitti of Scotland enjoys the traditional victory toast of milk with team owner Chip Ganassi in Victory Lane after hanging on to win the 94th running of the Indianapolis 500. (Nick Laham/getty Images)

(Kurt Bauer/associated Press)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Winning the Indianapolis 500 for the second time -- and doing so on little more than fumes down the stretch -- would have been achievement enough for Dario Franchitti. That he was able to elevate team owner Chip Ganassi into a class by himself in motor sports made it all the more memorable.
When Franchitti crossed the finish line on Sunday under the yellow caution flag, having led 155 laps and survived the perils of unstable track conditions on this sweltering afternoon, Ganassi became the first owner to win the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 in the same season. Only one other owner, Roger Penske, a rival on the track and a close friend off it, also has won the two most prestigious prizes in auto racing. But even the legendary figure who has captured a record 15 Indianapolis victories cannot lay claim to both at the same time.
"I'm a lucky guy to be in this business to work with people who accomplished that," Ganassi said before catching a flight to Charlotte for NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600. "I didn't drive either car. I didn't change any tires. I didn't put any fuel in the cars. I didn't do any of those things. I'm very, very lucky is what it comes down to."
Turns out good fortune had much to do with Franchitti and Target Chip Ganassi Racing achieving the unprecedented feat, though it came at the expense of two drivers, Mike Conway in particular, on the final lap.
With Franchitti's car running precariously low on fuel, the Ganassi team was weighing strategy that could determine if this afternoon would be historic or deflating. At issue was trying to keep an aggressive posture to maintain adequate separation, while easing back a bit to conserve what little was left in the 22-gallon fuel cell. That's when Conway touched wheels with Ryan Hunter-Reay, and the wreck that ensued brought out the ninth caution of the day.
As Franchitti sputtered across the finish line, littered behind him was the debris from Conway's No. 24 car, which had gone airborne, collided with the catch fence and came to rest on the blistering asphalt with the engine and four tires completely dislodged from the rest of the body. Hunter-Reay, meantime, had hit the outside retaining wall.
An emergency medical team sped to what remained of Conway's vehicle and extricated the driver, who had orthopedic damage to his left leg diagnosed after being stabilized at the track. Conway then was flown to a nearby hospital for precautionary reasons. Hunter-Reay escaped without serious injuries, was examined at the track and released.
"That wasn't good for your heart, was it, Chip?" Franchitti said, drawing robust laughter as he turned to his boss sitting to his left during the postrace news conference. "It would have been much easier had we been able to just get on it and keep the foot down because the Target car was quick. Great day. To win two of these things is pretty damn special."
Franchitti became the 17th driver with at least two Indianapolis 500 victories and the first Scottish-born driver to win the Greatest Spectacle in Racing more than once. Franchitti, who has two IndyCar points championships after winning it last season, also won the Indianapolis 500 in 2007 to go along with his first points title that year.
Franchitti's triumph in this edition of the 500 came after surviving a field that included three-time champion and heavy favorite Helio Castroneves and a rampaging Tony Kanaan, who made a game bid to become the first driver to win the race starting from the last row. Kanaan, in fact, was dead last among the 33 drivers who qualified, yet at Lap 160, the car immediately visible in Franchitti's rear view mirror was that of his former teammate with Andretti Green Racing.
"I thought, 'I knew it,' " said Franchitti, who raced with the Andretti team in 2007 before trying his hand -- and failing miserably -- at NASCAR the next year.
But Kanaan ultimately didn't have enough to keep pace with Franchitti, who at the end held off runner-up Dan Wheldon and third-place finisher Marco Andretti in a race that featured a record four women in the field. Danica Patrick was the highest female finisher, coming in sixth despite a car that was uncooperative most of the week.
The race began with a clean start after honorary starter Jack Nicholson waved the green flag, but that belied the disorder that would unfold soon thereafter, when two cars wrecked over eight laps. The first casualty was Davey Hamilton, who at 47 was the oldest driver in the race and began in the middle of the fifth row. His day ended in Turn 2 of the opening lap when he went into the wall trying to avoid Tomas Scheckter. At that point, Franchitti passed pole-sitter Castroneves and Will Power to move into first place.
"Tomas Scheckter is an idiot," Hamilton said in the garage area. "He tries to be a superstar. He tries to go three wide. . . . He's a knucklehead."
The drivers managed just another seven laps before the second yellow caution flag forced drivers to stand down following a wreck by Bruno Junqueira, who had one of the faster cars in the field.
Another yellow in Lap 65 signaled disappointment for John Andretti, who said his car got away from him as he approached Turn 2. He got into the wall, and the result was damage to his right rear suspension that included a tire being displaced, serving as forewarning for the dramatic crash that helped shape the outcome on the last lap.
"We're here to win. All he wants to do is win," Franchitti said of Ganassi, whose team won the Daytona 500 with Jamie McMurray at the wheel. "If you're not interested in that, or if you take your eye off the ball, he lets you know. That's all he cares about, and that's cool."

Rihanna says enjoying Israel before show

AP – Singer Rihanna gestures as she speaks during a press conference in Tel Aviv, Saturday, May 29, 2010. … 
TEL AVIV – R&B singing sensation Rihanna takes the stage in front of an Israeli audience for the first time Sunday night as part of her latest world tour.
It's the first time in the Holy Land for the 22-year-old Barbados native. The concert is part of her Last Girl on Earth tour, which began three weeks ago in Europe.
Rihanna spent the two days prior to her show touring Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, holding press conferences, and meeting some of her fans. She said her time in Israel was an "amazing, amazing experience."
Metallica performed in Israel this month. Other artists including the Pixies and Elton John have shows scheduled in Israel this year.

Bangladesh 'blocks Facebook' over political cartoons

Protesters burn a Swedish flag in an anti-Facebook demonstration 
in Dhaka, Bangladesh (28 May 2010) Bangladeshis held an anti-Facebook protest last week
Bangladesh has blocked access to Facebook after satirical images of the prophet Muhammad and the country's leaders were uploaded, say reports.
One man has been arrested and charged with "spreading malice and insulting the country's leaders" with the images, an official told the AFP news agency.
Officials said the ban was temporary and access to the site would be restored once the images were removed.
It comes after Pakistan invoked a similar ban over "blasphemous content".
A spokesman for the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) told AFP Facebook had "hurt the religious sentiments of the country's majority Muslim population" by carrying "offensive images" of Mohammed.
"Some links in the site also contained obnoxious images of our leaders including the father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the leader of the opposition," said the commission's acting chair, Hasan Mahmud Delwar.
On Saturday, one man was arrested by the elite Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Dhaka and charged with uploading the images.
"Facebook will be re-opened once we erase the pages that contain the obnoxious images," said Mr Delwar.
Pakistan blocked all access to Facebook - along with YouTube, Wikipedia and Flickr - last week after images of Muhammad started to appear online.
People were invited to submit their images of him in the run-up to "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" held by some users of Facebook on 20 May.
Most Muslims consider representations of the Prophet Muhammad to be blasphemous.
Thousands of people joined anti-Facebook protests in Bangladesh on Friday demanding the site be blocked over the contest.


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