Jana Zein Noor had one of her ‘moments’. Those who work at Citizen know what I’m talking about. Her moments are special. She gets emotional analia all over, paranoid or super HAPPY in an instant. But jana she was just mad! During the day, they kosanad with a news director and she went off!!! Calling him names and all. The guy wasn’t going to take that crap lying down! He fired her! When she went to WW to tell him about it, all he could say was – you have to go – I can’t overrule my employees.
One of my bosses was super excited when Zein came to Citizen. But aih, I’m sure now he’s just *shaking his head* the mama LOOOVES acoho na vitu zingine sold by the kucha! Guys have seen her tipsy at work – and even sometimes before she goes on air! She needs to get high to function – so sad. Like watching her on Sato on Citizen TV was painful. It’s like she didn’t want to soma the news!